Does Being An All-Star In The NHL Mean Anything Anymore?

This years NHL All-Star game in Nashville, Tennessee has already come under question for its lack of player interest. Each year, for at least the last few, there seems to be a bit of talk within the hockey media about players not wanting to go. The NHL has tried new things to draw interest from players, they’ve created the All-Star draft, and this year brought in 3 on 3 game play. Some of the top talent in the league right now have already voiced their displeasure with the new 3 on 3 format for overtime in regular season games. Big names like Alex Ovechkin, Erik Karlsson, and Dustin Byfuglin have been front and center with these comments yet they are very much on their way to earning a position at the game in January. Being an NHL All-Star is not something that has been looked down upon in the past. Any former NHLer who is in the Hall Of Fame in Toronto has their All-Star games mentioned. Its a game that is earned by those who deserve it. The NHL, like most pro sports leagues gives the fans the option to vote any player in the league into the game. Usually those player tend to be those whom are already heading there anyway. The big names like Crosby, Ovechkin, Kopitar, and the like are all fan favorites and will likely be there. But this year there is one name that has stood out from the rest. And no, its not because of his amazing goal scoring ability, or his speed on the rush into the O zone, its for a reason quite the opposite. The player is Arizona’s John Scott. A player many view as a fighter not a hockey player. Scott has been suspended on multiple occasions for roughing up players, and breaking rules of game play, like illegal checks to the head amongst a slew of others. At 6′ 8″ and 270 pounds Scott is not a player many want to mess with. And he is certainly not known for a offensive nor defensive abilities. But we know all of this already! What we don’t know is why is a player like John Scott is something the fans want to see in a game that will be based on speed, technical ability, and scoring? Lack of interest can’t be from lack of promotion; The NHL has been working on making this event the biggest and best thing since sliced bread all season. Is the lack of current player interest the reason fans don’t care? Sure the NHLs younger demographic will always be interested. Young kids who don’t read the tabloids and just want to see their favorite players play like they always have. But its the meaning to the players that Interests us the most. Why don’t they care? Is it just a new generation of players who’d rather take the vacation time? Is it how the game is set up? What is keeping these player from wanting to accept the honor of being recognized as one of the NHLs best, and does the game even matter anymore? 


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