Community Hockey: Callahan Park Burlington, Vermont

Winter is coming and it is that time of year for amateur hockey enthusiasts to start building their backyard dream rinks. For some, the backyard is a local park, such is the case in this small local community in Burlington, Vermont. The largest city in Vermont caters to many hockey fans who don’t always have access to rinks, or ice time. Though small, Chittenden County is home to at least 5 private and public rinks, clearly an indication of the passion this imagegarnettcommunity has for skating and the sport of hockey. Gutterson Field House, home of the University of Vermont Catamounts is the areas largest, while indoor rinks like Cairns Arena in South Burlington, and The Paquette Ice Arena at Leddy park in Burlington host sizable audiences as well. But what about those who cant afford the ice time, or simply just want to get outside with family and friends and play a game of pick-up or just skate around? The answer is volunteer built outdoor ice rinks like the one at Callahan Park. Built on a basketimage2ball court, the rink is quite large. In the past, volunteers provided the rink with used hockey sticks and nets. Last years rink saw some drastic improvement. Local business have chipped in some money and now the rink has a pretty large warming hut, complete with skates donated from the areas Play It Again Sports. Unfortunately the weather in Burlington has not been cold enough yet to spread the water for ice. Those who came out and helped to put up the boards all seemed excited and ready to get their first skate in this season. Rinks like this are extremely important to small local communities. they create a sense of joy for those who participate, a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction for those who helped build it, and they are able to grow with the help of local business and become more then just an ice rink.


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