About Me

My Name is Sam McCarthy, I am marketing student at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. First and foremost I am a fan of the game of Hockey. This blog gives me an opportunity to share my love for the game as well as discuss some important issues in it as well. As I am a marketing student, many of my posts will make attempts at tackling marketing and advertising within the NHL.

To me, marketing is an essential part of how we live. It creates jobs, has the ability to dictate success of brands and products, and above all stimulates creativity. I believe that the marketing field is one that is being taken over by numbers and that creativity in brand and product promotion has become less of a focus. The focus now is on over quantifying information to be more effective. Most of todays marketing likes to shove promotion down consumers throats rather than letting creativity evoke an emotional response. In my eyes good marketing is a television ad that silences the audience and pulls them in as they watch with full attention and intrigue. Good marketing is a magazine ad that stands out from the others and makes the reader stop flipping through pages because they are stunned by a visually appealing advertisement. Good marketing is the concept of creating a personality and a lifestyle for witch the consumer will follow, not trying to follow the consumer. Good marketing is content that can stand on its own without supplementation. I think that marketing is the business of influence. I believe it is the ultimate trendsetter.

I think that creativity must stay in marketing because it is the only thing that can evoke a primal emotional response from a consumer. If the consumer finds an ad to be a distraction, or unappealing they will not pay attention. Unfortunately I think the quantification of information will continue to be the driving force in promotion. My hope is, is that creativity is not lost in the industry.

Today’s NHL is filled marketing opportunities. The series of outdoor games, possible advertising on uniforms, even the uniforms themselves are an important tool the NHL uses to gain revenue. I will look to raise questions regarding anything new in the game, and discuss how it may effect us, the fans.


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